From the album Disguise in Your Eyes

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Walk that Mile
Words & Music Geary Nelson

“Walk That Mile Logic”
(They claim a mile is just an expression, of a hard walk or run can be.
In that mile you have a reflection of your heartache or tragedy. So when
your down and can’t understand it, like the world is crashing in, you have
to man up, get up and stand up, don’t let her love drive you into the sand)
!Or You’ll Walk that Mile No more!
You said your ex, he treated you cruel, an abusive man you said.
How funny with all that happened, that you said you loved him still.
You take on hearts like a cushion of needles, waiting for the sting to end
A broken down emotional minefield, reaping a heart, any place you can
I had to Walk that Mile, yes I did.. I had to Walk that Mile, let me tell ya.
Can’t believe I fell for her lines, she hooked me quickly with that smile.
She played me cool with every lie line, I fell completely under her spell
She twisted me around her finger, and accepted everything she said
Just to find she was setting me up babe, like a chump she had me made.
I’ll Walk that Mile no more!
Torn up heart, dying inside, to stop the hurt, and I’ll Walk that Mile No more..
Can’t feel no more.. can’t feel no more..