1. Lovin' Kind

From the album Continues to Burn

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Lovin’ Kind
Music & Lyrics – Geary Nelson

I see her standing in the corner,
eyes all a glow, yea she’s a looker
Wow o wow, is she the Lovin’ Kind
I find the nerve, to walk up to her,
I take a step, she starts a movin
Oh – Wow, I’ll have to get in line
She starts to glide, moving and a shaking her tail
Yea she’s on fire, head jerking, hair/flipping rage!
Oh – Wow, I gotta make her mine
She’s got me hooked; I have to meet her,
my bloods a boil. I got the fever
Oh – Wow, will she give me time
Sparks start to fly, as I see her dancing my way
I can’t deny, she’s got my blood boiling away yea
Now she’s dancing right beside me,
I reach to touch and hold her tightly
Oh Wow, she looks me in the eyes
I try to hold-on, but she still pushes away
I’m on fire, left standing in the wake of her wave
She’s the Hurtin’ Kind
She’s the Hurtin’ Kind
She’s not the Lovin’ Kind