From the album Disguise in Your Eyes

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Nothing at All
Words – Geary Nelson

You said it was nothing, just rumor’s that’s all.
Then/I, saw your message, you text him your love.
You lied without blinking, it seemed easy for you
When said that you loved me, it meant nothing at all

That look in your eyes, that smile on your face
Lie, after Lie, no tears shed, not a trace
Just walk away-ay, we’ve said all we can say
Those rumors were something, after all
You left me with nothing, Nothing at all.

Did you think I would stand here and take it, while you cheat on me
The love you stole from me, shattered all my dreams
Now I cry ever-y day

You Lied. and Lied, with no tears, not a trace
Just walk away-ay, you’ve said all I can take
To you it was nothing, for me, it was all
To you I was nothing, Nothing at all
My love was nothing, Nothing at all