Geary Nelson has been a singer-songwriter for more than 40 years, at the end of 2015, Geary’s release of “Continues to Burn” was charted at the #06, #07, and #09th most requested song on European independent radio, France and Russia. This lasted into the middle of April 2016; it was a great feeling to have the song requested that much. 

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Geary gained success as a teenager after his band won second place in a notable contest. The prize was a recording session. I was part of a band in Chicago called the ‘Panik’ we were in a national band contest at McCormick Place with hundreds of bands competing…. We recorded a record and played local TV in Chicago and the majority of teen clubs that were around at that time. The exposure allowed “Panik” to tour the country. We toured the South through Memphis, Tenn., and played on the ‘Dance Party’ TV show there. 

I play with a local band in Arkansas, “Rockin’ Roads,” which performs classic rock songs. I also record all my own songs in my home studio. It was there that I recorded “Continues to Burn,” the track that some overseas population grew to admire, so much so that they voted it onto the charts. 

I loved to hear Elvis sing, and in those learning years there were a lot of instrumental songs on the radio, but it was the Beatles that gave me the fever to write my own songs. The English invasion gave way to a different music style back then, and as the years went by, my father’s country music, along with the Beatles, Elvis, and lot of Rock groups over the years forged my writing style with interesting melodies and rhythms, these gave me the basic roots for creating my own material. 

I do perform all the lead vocals, backup vocals, and instruments, except some occasional keyboard performances by my wife Peggy on my song recordings. Of course sometimes there are some exceptions by various friends of mine. On “Maid of Love” I had my friends Bob Fontana and Norman Jones play the Saxophone and lead guitar parts respectfully. It is fun to have other musicians play on the recordings when we can schedule the time. I love to write songs that have interesting melodies and rhythms. I try to focus on what sounds interesting or “catchy” as they would say, so I spend a lot of time in my home studio working on writing, arranging and mastering my songs. I released a CD called “Continues to Burn” after my first single release that performed well in Europe. I am now in the process of completing my 2nd CD titled “Disguise in Your Eyes” which will contain at least 10 songs, this coming fall. 

As a singer and performer, I continue to perform on stage locally, and travel some during the year. I am negotiating now with several festivals across many states…. When I perform we do about a mixture of my songs, and Classic Rock. 

As a songwriter, my goal is to have other singers or bands perform my songs. I have a large catalog of unpublished songs that I would love to have other artists perform.

Geary Nelson

Geary Nelson